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Past Students

Graduate Students (Advisor / Co-advisor)

Madaline (Maddy) Cochrane

Maddy University: University of Minnesota-Duluth
Department: Biology
Graduation Year: 2017
Thesis: Wood turtles ( Glyptemys insculpta) in northeastern Minnesota: an analysis of GPS telemetry and a population assessment
Current Position: Research Technician, Natural Resources Research Institute - University of Minnesota

Co-authored Publications
Brown, D. J., M. M. Cochrane, and R. A. Moen. 2017. Survey and analysis design for wood turtle population monitoring. Journal of Wildlife Management 81:868–877.

Cochrane, M. M., R. A. Moen, and D. J. Brown. 2015. Glyptemys insculpta (wood turtle). Nest predation. Herpetological Review 46:618.

Undergraduate Students

Tyler Plum

Plum University: West Virginia University
Department: School of Natural Resources Degree: B.Sc.
Graduation Year: 2018
Project: Microclimate variation associated with salamander coverboard size. 
Current Position: Undergraduate Student

Affiliated Students

Austin Rizzo

Austin University: West Virginia University
Department: School of Natural Resources Degree: Ph.D.
Graduation Year: 2017
Dissertation: Development of techniques for assessment of population characteristics of the federally endangered Diamond Darter
Current Position: U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Refuge Planner

Co-authored Publications
Rizzo, A. A., D. J. Brown, S. A. Welsh, and P. A. Thompson. 2017. Factors influencing detection of the federally endangered diamond darter (Crystallaria cincotta): implications for long-term monitoring strategies. American Midland Naturalist 178:123–131.