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Past Students

Graduate Students (Advisor / Co-advisor)

Madaline (Maddy) Cochrane

MaddyUniversity: University of Minnesota-Duluth
Department: Biology
Graduation Year: 2017
Thesis: Wood turtles (Glyptemys insculpta) in northeastern Minnesota: an analysis of GPS telemetry and a population assessment

Co-authored Publications
Cochrane, M. M., D. J. Brown, M. D. Nelson, R. R. Buech, M. Schrage, D. Ryan, and R. A. Moen. 2018. Status of a Glyptemys insculpta (wood turtle) population in northeastern Minnesota. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 13:273–282.

Brown, D. J., M. M. Cochrane, and R. A. Moen. 2017. Survey and analysis design for wood turtle population monitoring. Journal of Wildlife Management 81:868–877.

Cochrane, M. M., R. A. Moen, and D. J. Brown. 2015. Glyptemys insculpta (wood turtle). Nest predation. Herpetological Review 46:618.

Graduate Students (Committee Member)

Laura Farwell

FarwellUniversity: West Virginia University
Department: School of Natural Resources 
Degree: Ph.D.
Graduation Year: 2018
Dissertation: Songbird response to forest disturbance due to unconventional shale gas development in the Marcellus-Utica region: a multi-scale analysis 

Undergraduate Students

Tyler Plum

TylerPlumUniversity: West Virginia University
Department: School of Natural Resources 
Degree: B.Sc.
Graduation Year: 2018
Project: Microclimate variation associated with salamander coverboard size. 

Samantha (Sam) Wilson

SamanthaWilsonUniversity: West Virginia University
Department: School of Medicine 
Degree: B.Sc.
Graduation Year: Projected 2022 
Project: Salamander cover object selection.

Affiliated Students

Austin Rizzo

AustinUniversity: West Virginia University
Department: School of Natural Resources 
Degree: Ph.D.
Graduation Year: 2017
Dissertation: Development of techniques for assessment of population characteristics of the federally endangered Diamond Darter

Co-authored Publications
Rizzo, A. A., D. J. Brown, C. T. Rota, S. A. Welsh, and P. A. Thompson. 2018. Effects of an extreme flood event on federally endangered diamond darter abundances. American Midland Naturalist 180:108–118.

Rizzo, A. A., D. J. Brown, S. A. Welsh, and P. A. Thompson. 2017. Factors influencing detection of the federally endangered diamond darter ( Crystallaria cincotta): implications for long-term monitoring strategies. American Midland Naturalist 178:123–131.